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Over a decade ago, the TOAG internship (at the time used we used a different name) began in a small Chandler, AZ living room. 15 people gathered to learn to follow the Ways of Jesus and do so while living abroad. Since then, hundreds have used this internship to develop fruitful habits they will need to spark movements of new Kingdom Communities wherever they live. We are now accepting applications for the 2016-17 internships being offered around the U.S. Go to the Contact TOAG page where you can request information and application packet.

What Others Are Saying

“TOAG is crazy, exciting, glorious, hectic and just plain fun…Thursdays we meet at the house at 6ish. We eat pizza and catch up on the craziness of everyone’s week amidst kids crying or running around. At 6:30 we all meet in the living room and for 3 hours we do anything from pray to random Jesus exultation, sing, read the Bible and discuss it, discuss other readings, testify of amazing works that Jesus is doing around the world and through us in the neighborhood. I think I’d literally stop breathing if I didn’t hang out with Jesus in an intimate way during a day.”

Joe – TOAG Graduate

“TOAG has been one of the best things in my life. The internship has taught me so much, in ways I never expected. Our hands on experiences living among the international community in the Tempe have been an excellent way to apply the things we learn. Above all, I was stretched and grown by God in amazing ways. Living near awesome people of God and having true accountability and biblical fellowship is something I could not have gotten elsewhere. I confidently say that I am a different person because of my experience, and looking back, know that I really needed this time to prepare for working overseas. I would totally, absolutely, no holds barred, recommend this to anyone who wants to work overseas. TOAG made Jesus precious to me.”

Alice – TOAG Graduate

“Over the two years I’ve been in Afghanistan, I’ve found EVERYTHING from TOAG invaluable…if I hadn’t had TOAG I might have gone home the first month. But having been forewarned, and having an understanding of different personality types, as well as some inner healing, I was able to stick it out…

“I think the thing I use most is storying. Most of the people I work with are semi-literate at best, so they love the stories….During our team meetings we talk a lot about “cutting edge” strategy; the same things are discussed at our annual conferences.

I have found that though there are many highly trained people there, I have received the most preparation for this type of training, all through TOAG.”

Leslie – TOAG graduate

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