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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TOAG Internship?
The acronym (pronounce it “tow-ag”) defines our purpose “Training Ordinary Apprentices to Go.” Since her inception at the turn of the millenium, hundreds of interns have been trained to live like Jesus while working overseas. Each year 10-15 new interns band together as a Jesus Community to learn the Ways of Jesus and cross cultural barriers to welcome others into the Kingdom of Heaven. The 15 hours per week internship allows interns to keep their full-time jobs or attend school. Here is what a typical week might look like:

What to Expect

Sunday Enjoy an hour with the Father, practicing spiritual disciplines. Join with others from your TOAG Jesus-Community to pray, listen for God’s direction, practice the “one-anothers” of Scripture, eat, inductively study the Word, etc. (3 hrs)
Monday Enjoy an hour in God’s Word and the readings assigned for TOAG. Grab a Coke with a new neighbor-friend. (2 hrs)
Tuesday Enjoy a half hour in some Spiritual Discipline. Join other interns for dinner/discussion and training around your TOAG assigned readings. (4 hrs)
Wednesday Enjoy one hour in God’s Word and with one other intern reading what was assigned for TOAG. (1 hr)
Thursday Enjoy an hour in God’s Word and the readings assigned for TOAG. Join one of your seeker-friends at his/her place of worship. (3 hrs)
Friday Enjoy an hour in God’s Word and join with other interns to pray. (1 hr)
Saturday Enjoy an hour in God’s Word and the readings assigned for TOAG. (1 hour)

Where is the apprenticeship held?
The mother-internship is based in Tempe, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix). However, TOAG Communities have been launched in cities such as Ames, IA; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Cedar Falls, IA; Chicago, IL; Corvallis, OR; Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Fayetteville, AR; Iowa City, IA; Mesa, AZ; Birmingham, AL; Sacramento, CA, and many other locations, including one in Russia. Churches and organizations wishing to use our TOAG model and curriculum in their own setting are encouraged to first send someone through TOAG – the best way to learn how to reproduce. However, if this is not possible, we do provide a three day, 3T Workshop (TOAG Training of Trainers) when needed. Send an email to to learn about an upcoming 3T or to schedule one for your area.

Why do I need training before living abroad?
How many zealous people have made the costly decision to forgo life in this “Disneyland called America” only to discover, too late, that they lack both the skills and the passion for apostolic living in difficult places around the world? Without a driving passion for Jesus, we quickly become ‘salesmen,’ promoters of Christendom, rather than lovers of the Kingdom of God. Without a commitment to advance righteousness, justice and reconciliation between God and man we often end up recruiting for western Christianity rather than advancing the Good News of the Kingdom.

TOAG is blood-earnest about three core passions: a passion for Jesus, a passion for His Kingdom, and a passion for being strategic in places where Kingdom Communities are not… yet. During TOAG, interns learn to be a Kingdom Community without including Western structures that often hinder movements. They experience life-in-community with other interns, something more akin to the Book of Acts. By taking a short sabbatical from present ecclesiastical structures, which include powerful (& professional) music, well crafted homilies (by highly trained professionals) in safe, comfortable surroundings (expensive buildings), interns experience first-hand what is and is not required for believers to be a “Kingdom-Community,” experimenting with simple, organic structures capable of sharing the life changing power of God’s Kingdom and reproducing into movements. Working in teams, interns learn to ‘gossip’ about our Treasure, while always striving to become like the One we so joyfully represent. These are just some of the reasons why many Americans benefit from the hands-on learning experience of TOAG.

When does TOAG happen?
The internship typically spans 9 months (sometimes 10), and most internships begin in the Fall. Besides weekly “half-time” gatherings for training and encouragement, interns participate in two weekend retreats, a 4 day Training Workshop and a 2-week overseas practicum. For many, this visit overseas is the highlight of the year when all that’s learned here is lived over there and interns discover they love the nations and the nations love our Treasure.

How much does it cost?
Cost vary depending on the location of the TOAG.  However, the average tuition costs are $650/person and covers books, resources, retreats, meals (and the cost of recruiting you ☺). Additional costs may be included for overseas practicums which has typically cost $2500/person. Interns do not usually find the cost of the practicum prohibitive as friends and family often come to their help. Regardless, the leaders of TOAG do not want a shortage of funds to keep anyone from experiencing TOAG, so please ask if you need assistance.

Do I have to move ?
There is no denying that interns who relocate in order to join a TOAG Community get more out of the internship than those who stay in their comfortable home setting. We never speak of TOAG as a school. It’s an internship with heavy emphasis on ‘doing what we learn’ and ‘learning by what we do.’ A vital component of learning is learning from one another. TOAG Communities learn to form, storm and norm before we perform; we learn to “gossip” about our Treasure rather than sell something we don’t treasure ourselves; we learn to seek the Kingdom first ourselves before sharing it with others. My word, how does one ever learn to practice the wonderful “one-anothers” of God’s Word … without experimenting in community?! Even in the 21st Century there are still some things we cannot learn online.

If I relocate, will TOAG help me find a job and a place to live?
TOAG staff can direct you to apartments-for-rent where other interns are living, so you can learn and serve together among people from all across this globe. Finding a job or enrolling at a new school will be largely dependent on God’s sovereignty and your own initiative.

What are the qualifications for training?
The only qualifications are: A passion for Jesus and a hope to live, love and labor like Jesus somewhere in the World where Kingdom-Communities are not … yet, within 1-3 years of graduation.

Can you explain the application and candidacy process?
Prospective interns request our application form (by answering a few basic questions) and then fill out the TOAG Application on line. Facilitators for the appropriate TOAG Community then review the applications and make the final decisions for acceptance.

Can you tell me if there are any pre-qualifications on acceptance?
• We accept “broken people” who know their brokenness and the power of God to use broken people
• We accept those who practice “charismatic” gifts (prophecy, speaking in tongues, healing prayer, etc.) and those who don’t
• We accept singles and families (both spouses participating)
• We accept families with children who are home-schooled, public schooled, private schooled and non-schooled … and who trust God to provide for their children an education that may not look like “American-schooled.”
• We accept divorcees, with or without children, provided they know the power of God to use divorced people and their children will not keep them from living and working overseas.
• We accept college graduates and non-college graduates and although we prefer interns who have finished their formal education, we will consider (on a case-by-case basis) those still in college and occasionally in high school.
• We accept wealthy and poor … though most eventually choose to be poor that others may become ‘wealthy,’ just as Jesus did. After all, we are ultimately interns of Jesus!